Billy Wheeler [研究员]


Billy Wheeler




Dr. Billy Wheeler

Research Fellow in Department of Philosophy, Sun Yat-Sen University, Zhuhai Campus


Citizenship : British








AOS: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science and Technology


AOC: Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Modern European Philosophy






School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Ancient Languages in Sanskrit




Institute of Education, University College London

Postgraduate Certificate in Education




University of Cambridge

PhD in Philosophy

Title: The Metaphysics of Ideal Laws

Grade: Pass (with no corrections)



University of Cambridge

MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science

Grade: Distinction



King’s College London

BA Philosophy

Grade: First Class with Honours




Awards and Scholarships


University College London Honorary Research Fellowship


Institute of Education Teaching Scholarship


King’s College Cambridge Exhibition Research Fund


UK Arts and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Award


UK Arts and Humanities Research Council Masters Award


King’s College London Simon Daly Prize for Philosophy






Wheeler, B. (2018) Idealization and the Laws of Nature. London: Springer. Forthcoming.



Wheeler, B. (2017) ‘Giving Robots a Voice: Testimony, Intentionality and the Law’ in Handbook of Research on Androids, Cyborgs and Robots in Contemporary Society. Steve Thompson (Ed). New York: IGI.


Wheeler, B (2017). ‘Reliabilism and the Testimony of Robots. Forthcoming


Wheeler, B. (2017) ‘Idealization, Realism and the Improvement Model of Confirmation’. Under Review 


Wheeler, B. (2017) ‘Humeanism and Exceptions in the Fundamental Laws of Physics’ Forthcoming.


Wheeler, B. (2016) ‘Simplicity, Language-Dependency and the Best System Account of Laws’ in Theoria: An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science 31 (2), pp. 189-206.




Selected Talks


STS Department Seminar, UCL – The Epistemological and Legal Status of Robot Testimony


Institute of Humanities and Social Studies, Paris, European Epistemology Network – Robot Testimony


UCL, 7th Workshop of Society for Philosophy of Information – Causation and the Flow of Information


Trinity College, Cambridge, talk given at residential for FE students – Causation in Western and Eastern Philosophy


Philosophy of the Social Sciences Workshop, Cambridge – Individualizing Collective Intentionality.






University College London

Teaching Fellow



· MSc Realism and Antirealism (Logical Positivism, Kantianism, No miracles argument, Pessimistic meta-induction, Historical and Postmodernist approaches, empiricism, structural realism, etc.)


· BSc Philosophy of the Natural Sciences (Issues in philosophy of physics; quantum mechanics; philosophy of biology; species and natural kinds; pluralism; ceteris paribus laws; modelling and analogies; artificial intelligence)



College of Further Education, KEGS

Teacher of Philosophy

Courses Taught:


· Epistemology (Definitions of Knowledge, Gettier, externalism and internalism, reliabilism, epistemology of perception, testimony, origins of knowledge and concepts: empiricism and rationalism.)


· Philosophy of Mind (Plato and Descartes’ arguments for substance dualism; problems of interaction; property dualism; Chalmers and Jackson; Identity theories; functionalism; artificial intelligence; Turing test and Chinese Room argument; eliminative materialism.)


· Philosophy of Religion (Concepts of God in Ancient Greek thought; ideas of God in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, arguments for the existence of God, teleological argument, cosmological argument, free will and omniscience, problem of evil, science and religion, miracles.)


· Buddhism (history of the Buddha, branches of Buddhism, key beliefs: 3 marks, 4 noble truth, 8-fold path; practices meditation, sangha; karma and rebirth; Madhyamaka and Yogacera; Buddhism and science; Buddhist ethics)





University of Cambridge

Teaching Assistant

Courses Taught:


· Philosophy of Religion (Concepts of the divine in Western Religion; attacks on the concept of God from Hume; Hume’s Dialogues and Enquiries; Arguments for God’s existence, the problem of evil; miracles; religious testimony.)


· Metaphysics and Science (laws of nature – regularity accounts, necessitarian accounts; causation – counterfactual, process and mechanistic; explanation; D-N model and unificationist; nature of theories.)


· Epistemology and Reasoning (Deduction and deductive accounts of theory testing; H-D methodology; Karl Popper and falsificationism; Inductive methods; Bayesianism; Carnap; theories of probability)




Administration and Organisation


ACE Alan Turing Centenary Conference, King’s College Cambridge

Assistant for a major 2-day international conference to mark the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing. Responsibilities included press and publicity correspondence; public enquiries and registration; fees and finance management.



Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Assistant to lead coordinator; speaker correspondence; publicity and hospitality.



Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

Assistant librarian. Designed and implemented the re-organisation of the ‘philosophy’ and ‘philosophy of science’ sections of the Whipple library for the HPS department. Catalogue restructuring and design.



Other Roles and Responsibilities


Expedition Leader, World Challenge (Silk Route: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan).


Cambridge Festival of Ideas Volunteer


Welfare Officer, King’s College, University of Cambridge


Non-Medical Assistant for Disabled Students, University of Cambridge


Student Ambassador, King’s College London


President, King’s College London Philosophy Society






Skills and Interests

Computer: Web design (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/MySQL/PHP), Software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Prezi, Photoshop), Education (Moodle, Edmodo, wiki, webboards).

Film-Making: Member of ‘TransMission’ short film-making company. 4 films, two competitions won.

Karate: Member of Cambridge University Karate Club, STOCK Karate Club, 5th Kyu.

Trekking: Expedition Leader for World Challenge

Buddhist Philosophy: Member of inter-religious faith panel London; London Buddhist Society; Cambridge Buddhist Circle; Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies




Affiliate Member: British Philosophical Association

Affiliate Member: Royal Institute of Philosophy

Student Member: Association of Teachers and Lecturers





Prof. Tim Lewens

Professor of Philosophy of Science

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK



Dr. Phyllis Illari

Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science

Department of Science and Technology Studies

University College London

Gower Street, London, UK


Prof. Helen Beebee

Samuel Hall Professor of Philosophy

School of Social Sciences

University of Manchester, Manchester, UK