Pauline Sabrier [副研究员]


Pauline Sabrier


Research Associate

Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai)

Sun Yat-Sen University


AOS:               Ancient Philosophy

AOC:              Metaphysics; History of Philosophy

Languages:     French, English, German, Italian (reading only), Ancient Greek

Previous Positions Held

2016–2017      Adjunct Lecturer, Philosophy Department, Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

2013–2017          Teaching Assistant, Philosophy Department, TCD

Administrative Role



2016–2017          Assistant Erasmus/Visiting Coordinator, Philosophy Department, TCD



2012–2016          PhD in Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin

2009–2011          MPhil in Philosophy, Paris IV-Sorbonne University

2006–2009          BA in Philosophy, Paris IV-Sorbonne University


2018               L. Pitteloud, La séparation dans la métaphysique de Platon, Academia

Verlag (2017), Archai Journal. (forthcoming)

— ‘The Non-Coreferentiality of Change and Rest in Plato’s Sophist(under review)

2017 — H. H. Benson, Clitophon‘s Challenge. Dialectic in Plato‘s Meno, Phaedo, Republic, Oxford University Press (2015), International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 2017, vol. 25, n. 2, pp. 302-306.

2016 V. Politis, The Structure of Enquiry in Plato’s Early Dialogues, Cambridge University Press (2015), Archai Journal, 2016, n. 16 Jan.-Apr., pp. 219-221.


Grants and Scholarships

2014 - 2015        DAAD Research Grant for Doctoral Candidates (10 months), at the Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich)

2013 - 2016      Mobi’doc, Travel Grant for International Mobility, Région Île-de-France

2012 - 2016 Postgraduate Research Studentship, Philosophy Department, TCD 2012 - 2013 Newman Fellowship, Trinity Plato Centre

Teaching Experience


2016–2017          • Introduction to Ancient Philosophy

1st year course, History of Philosophy I, Philosophy Department, TCD

  Introduction to Causation

1st year course, Topics II, Philosophy Department, TCD




Plato’s Sophist on Being


4th year course, Ancient Philosophy Seminar, Philosophy Department, TCD


2013–2017          Philosophy of Science and Language

2nd year students, Philosophy Department, TCD

History of Philosophy II (Kant, Hegel, Modern Analytic Philosophy)

2nd year students, Philosophy Department, TCD

History of Philosophy I (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, The

Rationalists, The Empiricists)

1st year students, Philosophy Department, TCD

Central Problems in Philosophy (Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of

Mind, Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy)

1st year students, Philosophy Department, TCD


2018                    — ‘The role of the ti esti question in Plato’s Sophist

Platonic Dialectic, University of Bergen, 31st May-2nd June

— ‘'What Sort of Metaphysical Entities are the Five Great Kinds of Being in Plato's Sophist?'

Visiting Speaker Colloquium, TCD Dublin, 26 March

— ‘Can Forms Have Parts and Nevertheless Remain One? A Comparison

Between the Sophist and the Parmenides

Workshop ‘Plato’s Parmenides in Relation to Other Platonic Dialogues’,

TCD Dublin/Plato Centre/Société Études Platoniciennes, 24–25 March

2017                   — ‘Forms and Great Kinds (megista genê) in Plato’s Sophist’ Milan, ‘Forms. New       Perspective  on   Ancient Metaphysics and Epistemology’, 13-14 October.

— ‘Plato’s Defence of a Two-Kind Ontology in the Sophist’ Trinity Plato Centre Workshop, 26–30 May.

— Reply to Viktor Ilievski (University of Bucharest) ‘Is the Platonic Soul indeed kinēseōs hapses aitia and therefore tōn pantōn aitia as well?’ First Dublin Graduate Conference in Ancient Philosophy, UCD/TCD, 31st March–1st April.

2016 — ‘The Non-Coreferentiality of Change and Rest in Plato’s Sophist’ Northern Association for Ancient Philosophy, University of St Andrews,

4-5 April.

2015 — ‘The Non-Coreferentiality of Kinêsis and Stasis (Soph. 245e–251a)’ Workshop on Plato’s Sophist (Keynote: Fiona Leigh, UCL), Trinity Plato Centre, 7-8 November.

— ‘Plotinus’ Account of the Theory of the Five Great Kinds (Enn. VI.2)’ Doktorandenkolloquium (C. Rapp), Munich School of Ancient Philosophy,

9 June.

2014             — ‘Que disent les megista genê du Sophiste sur la théorie des Formes dans

le dialogue ? La distinction entre l’Être et l’Autre en 255c–d.’ International Plato Workshop, University Paris X-Nanterre, 11-12 June

Organising Activities

2018                    ‘The Parmenides in relation to other Platonic Dialogues’

24–25th March, TCD

2017                 First Dublin Graduate Conference in Ancient Philosophy (co-organiser).

31st March–1st April, UCD/TCD

2016–present co-founder and co-organiser of the Dublin Philosophy Research Network Reading Group on the work of E.J. Lowe.



Editing Activities


since 2014          reviser for the Plato Journal



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